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Cultural Values

Cultural Values


Uber needed some new cultural values. 

The company had just recovered from a very difficult 2017; the year was filled with media drama, leadership upheaval, and distressed employees. 2018 started on a hopeful note. Under the guidance of a new CEO and a refreshed commitment to doing the right thing, the company came up with a set of revised cultural values to guide the future of Uber. 

To get the word out to the 20,000 employees worldwide, designers at HQ decided to take over the screens on the conference room TVs in every office around the globe. A photographer and writer scrambled to put together a series of employee spotlights, telling stories of people in all different areas of the company who embody each of the new values. 

I was approached to create original lettering compositions of the 8 values, and after a series of iterations and critique with my art director, landed on a script style with a bouncing baseline and upward trajectory, and a light shadow line to provide some dimension.