Megan Malley Design

Austin Landing Logo

Identity design for a cozy, minimal cabin in the sunny woods of Sonoma County.

Austin Landing Logo


Picture a cozy blue cabin on a sunny hillside in the woods of Sonoma County, California. It’s thoughtfully designed with minimal interiors, eclectic details, and a hot tub on the back porch. Welcome to Austin Landing, a perfect getaway spot that’s close enough to wine country but removed from the touristy chaos of Downtown Sonoma.

I was commissioned to design a logo for this adorable NorCal vacation rental. The challenge was to keep the logo minimal and approachable, yet infuse it with a small dose of funky personality. Although focusing mainly on expressive typography, I also explored visuals related to forests, water, and canoe paddles (the property sits along picturesque Austin Creek).


The solution was a type-focused rectangular mark that embodied the friendly and serene aesthetic of the cabin itself. I also created a more detailed, inline variation to be used for larger touchpoints such as framed art and website splash imagery.

My favorite element of the logo actually came from my client. After going back and forth over various illustration styles for the trees, he sent me an image of the wax seal that he and his husband had used for their Northern California wedding. The seal included depictions of trees illustrated in a simplified, whimsical, almost stick-figure style. I loved them so much that we decided to use a similar technique for the trees in the logo. Not only did the aesthetic fit with the type, but it held some personal meaning for the couple as well.