Xchange Welcome Booklet

Uber's subsidiary company Xchange Leasing needed a more seamless onboarding process for new lessees at their showroom appointments. Previously, a messy collection of flyers, folders, and handouts was passed over in a disorderly pile to the overwhelmed user. After observing this chaos, I collected all of the relevant information for the new customer and combined it into a single source of truth. My responsibilities included design, prototyping, proofing, and print management. Twelve thousand copies were printed and distributed for version one, and the new welcome booklet is now given to lessees across the country when they pick up their new car.


Information tear-out

The last page of the booklet is a fold-out card. During their appointment with each lessee, the leasing agent fills in custom information such as account number, weekly payment amount, and vehicle type. The edge of this card is perforated so that the customer can tear it out and put it in a convenient location, such as in the glovebox or on the fridge. 

Booklet sleeve

In order to allow for localization of content, I developed a sleeve for the book to slide into that could hold separate insert pages. Now each showroom can provide city specific sheets in the same self-contained envelope and visual style.